Product Quality and Safety

Mr. Zong Qinghou, Chairman of Wahaha Group, always claimed that quality and credit are the two halves of the cornerstone of the brand, because quality in the one that makes the life of an enterprise. Wahaha insists on putting quality at first place and is committed to assuring a relieved selection and safe consumption experience of the consumers.

Quality Management (QM): Everyone Involved, Whole Process Covered and Every Aspect Focused

To ensure food safety, Wahaha group introduces ISO9001-based HACCP, ISO22000 and Credit Management System.  In addition, Wahaha incorporates the basic quality management principles that “front-end production supports back-end production which examines front-end in return” to develop a comprehensive food safety and quality management system. Moreover, a strict whole-process-covered QM, covering product R&D, raw material purchase, processing, product manufacturing, quality testing and sales, guarantees effective implementation of food safety system. With regards to production, Wahaha adopts a unique TQM system with all members involved, process-centered and full dimension controlled. It is characterized with a three-level quality inspection and assurance mechanism, namely group level, section level and plant level, covering the inspection from raw materials to end products. Besides it hasBel tombers a quality tracing system, based on which regular and timely quality audit is performed and the quality of each single product could be traced back to any individual member. With expansion of food industry, the guard of food safety is related significantly to mutual development requirement of food processing enterprises cluster involved in the food supply chain, not only just one enterprise’s need. Wahaha Group expands awareness of quality assurance to its upstream suppliers and downstream distributors through “service output, technology output” and thus promotes the mutual development of all parties engaging in the food industry.

Advanced Equipments and Technology

Advancements in science and technology are essential prerequisites for realizing the goal of food safety. Fully acknowledging this, Wahaha group not only increases investment to establish national-recognized enterprise technology center, national laboratory and product R&D institute with an investment of 40 million yuan, but also introduces academic leaders, so as to comprehensively and systematically conduct food-safety-based product research. Up to now, the Detection and Analysis Center of R&D institute has been approved by the National Laboratory Accreditation Committee (CNAS), which means that over 300 testing items and analysis methods are accredited. The general physical-chemical indicators and toxic elements (melamine, plasticizer etc.) can be fast detected. Furthermore, the testing method for new potential toxic elements can be developed rapidly when necessary. With its excellent food analyzing ability, the Detection and Analysis Center becomes the first ones that are recognized as the national level analyzing and testing centers.

Food Safety Traceability System: Informatization and Whole Process Covered

Informatization, being a modern tool, is of great significance for the construction and optimization of food safety traceability system. Up to now, Wahaha group has established Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to ensure the information control of key position on the production line, which allows tracing back to the specific responsible individual directly. Meanwhile, Wahaha group has improved its Quality Check System (QCS), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and After-sales Service Management System, and has become the first batch of pilot enterprise connected to Zhejiang government’s Wisdom Supervision Platform in 2016. Informatization covered in the full process ensures that quality control is under bottom-up track and top-down traceability, and indeed enables consumers to enjoy our safe and sound products.