Industry Serving the Country

In the past 30 years, Wahaha has maintained the sound and rapid development by way of product, technical and marketing innovations. All the company’s economic indexes have ranked 1st in China's beverage industry for 19 consecutive years.


Being an advantageous enterprise in the eastern part of China which was first to flourish through the cultivation and support by the government, Wahaha is fully aware of the responsibilities and obligations that it must fulfill. Such vital task involves assisting the rejuvenation of China, across both east and west, by eliminating poverty, sharing the country's burden, and ultimately, stepping onto the road of common prosperity together.

Industry Supporting the Poverty Areas

Upholding the development concept of "Serving the country through industrial development, benefiting the society’, Wahaha actively fulfills its social responsibility in their own development at the same time. Adhering to the poverty-alleviation policy of "hematopoietic-based and blood-transfusion- supplemented ", Wahaha has invested 8.5 billion yuan to establish 71 subsidiaries in 17 provinces and cities including the poor areas, the old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, the northeast old industrial base and so on. By the end of 2016, the cumulative sales income reached 148.5 billion yuan, profits and taxes reached 26.4 billion yuan with taxes paid of 8.5 billion yuan. Wahaha drove the development of relevant industries and increased their annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan, greatly promoting the local economic development. Over the past 30 years, the company has paid more than 50 billion yuan accumulatively in taxes.

Supporting Famers, Agriculture Industry and Rural Areas

Since Wahaha started its business by developing its first product, Wahaha children’s tonic, it began its close tie with famers, the agriculture industry and the rural areas. The children’s tonic adopted the raw materials such as milk, Chinese wolfberry, lotus seeds, walnuts, red dates, rice, longan, and honey, which were all agricultural sideline products. Wahaha vigorously developed agricultural and sideline products deep processing project. Currently, Wahaha purchases various types of agricultural products weighing 500,000 tons with total capital injections of 5 billion RMB annually and 40 billion yuan accumulatively these years, which contributes to positive adjustments of agricultural structures and makes positive contribution to promote agricultural efficiency and increase farmers’ income.

Public Welfare Undertakings

Wahaha has made great efforts on social welfare services and taken part in various kinds of charity events. Wahaha has actively participated in various social welfare undertakings such as the flood disaster relief in 1998, Wenchuan earthquake and the education support. So far, Wahaha has donated accumulatively 540 million yuan for charitable events.

Disaster Relief

Since the beginning of the venture, Wahaha has upheld the principle of Bring health and happiness everywhere, and has actively participated in various social welfare undertakings, dealt with public crisis, helped the community’s vulnerable groups, and made contribution to the nation’s harmony and stability. When the nation encountered natural disasters and public crisis, Wahaha always donated money and necessities to tide over the difficulties in the first place. In the Wenchuan earthquake of May 12th 2008 which shocked Wahaha people, Chairman Zong Qinghou called upon the whole group to unite our power to help the victim families to share the burden with our nation. In total, Wahaha has donated to the disaster areas of more than 1.5 million yuan, and promised to provide 1,500 jobs to the victims. In the spring of 2010, when five provinces in Southwestern China suffered from one of the greatest droughts of the century, with no hesitation, Wahaha contributed 8.5 million RMB for helping the local government and the people in dealing with the disaster.  During Ya'an earthquake of 2013, Wahaha emergently delivered millions of bottles of water, beverages and mixed congee and also donated 10 million yuan for the earthquake reconstruction - Creek Bridge project, which built nearly 100 Love Bridges in the affected areas, helping 30,000 local residents to overcome travel difficulties and basic problems of tiding over the rivers.

Education Support

As a company grown up from the field of education, Wahaha has special affection for return to education. Ever since a long time ago, Wahaha have spared no effort on supporting education, with the total donation of more than 300 million yuan over the years.  Since 2007, Wahaha has donated 6.95 million yuan in poverty-stricken areas to build 22 Hope primary schools, 1 assisting primary school, and 100 sunshine playgrounds. In 2009, Wahaha invested 2 million yuan to start the "love support education action", selecting 100 teachers from nearly 4,000 volunteers to Sichuan and Guizhou poverty areas to support education, triggering huge charitable energy in the whole society and solving the employment difficulties of graduates at the same time, therefore, contributing to creating a harmonious society. In 2012, Wahaha and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation jointly launched "nesting action" which donated one cent for every bottle of Wahaha Nutrition Express sold for the sake of solving the dormitory insufficiency so that children could have their own warm beds. Based on the huge amount of sales revenue and loyal consumers of Nutrition Express, Wahaha donated 29.5 million yuan and supported in the construction of 52 schools in 8 provinces and 26 counties. Since 2000, Wahaha has continually taken part in Spring Breeze Action carried out by Hangzhou municipal party committee and government for more than 10 years, assisting those students from poor families to their dreamed colleges and universities. So far, Wahaha has donated over 74.6 million RMB to “Spring Breeze Action”, helping more than 16874 undergraduates who were in difficulties.