Corporate Social Responsibility

Wahaha started as a school-run enterprise devoting all of its effort in social welfare services for the past 30 years. Under the leadership of top management with the guidance of Mr. Zong Qing Hou, Wahaha always upholds the public welfare concept of "Serving the country through industrial development, benefiting the society, and spread love everywhere”, which is derived from the mission and vision of Wahaha Group. Based on the aforementioned concept, Wahaha constantly takes part in various kinds of charity activities.

Honorary Titles in a Glance

National Advanced Unit in Supporting the Migration of People for the Three Gorges Project
Advanced Unit in National Disaster Relief
National Advanced Unit in Supporting Poverty-Alleviation Projects
China's Pioneer for Improving People's Livelihood
China Charity Award of 2008
People's Social Responsibility Award
Top 10 Outstanding Employer in Mainland China
Top 10 Outstanding Contribut-ing Enterprise in China's Over-all Opulence
Most Respected Companies in China
Zhejiang Province's Charity Award