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The Australian News Delegation visited Wahaha
Thursday,October 12,2017

On the afternoon of May 26th, under the lead of Australia’s Sino-Australian Foreign Relations Institute and former Australian Foreign Minister Carl, the delegation of Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australian Newspaper, Australian Financial Review and other media journalists, visited Wahaha. Mr. Wang Jian, the deputy general manager of Wahaha, as well as directors from the Food Research Institute, the Supply department, PR department and other relevant departments of Wahaha, received the guests, together with China Journalists Association, Zhejiang Journalists Association, and Hangzhou Journalists Association. The delegation visited the production line with the capacity of 54,000 bottles per hour. During the talk, Mr. Wangjian gave a brief introduction to the development of China's private economy, and the company's development overview and experience. The delegation expressed their greetings and hoped that Wahaha would have the opportunity to invest in Australia and look forward to a closer cooperation between the two sides.