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Why is Wahaha the Matchmaker for Israeli Technologies During Hangzhou Business Conference?
Tuesday,October 18,2016

Work together for innovation and a win-win future. On October 18th, it was standing room only in the conference room on the third floor of Hangzhou International Expo Center. As one of the activities in Hangzhou Business Conference, it held the 2016 Israel University Innovation and Technology Promotion Summit with Wahaha as the matchmaker. Representatives from Chint Group, Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group and other more than 140 companies, as well as government and fund exceeded more than 400 people, sharing this feast.

The vice mayor of Hangzhou, Xie Shuangcheng welcomed the arrival of everyone and thanked Wahaha for its positive contribution to Hangzhou's economic and social development.

Then, Mr. Zong began his speech. He said that Israel is a country full of technological innovation vitality with a number of high technologies. Through close cooperation and complementation, it could not only promote economic development between the two countries, but also provide technical support for transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Hangzhou and the province of Zhejiang.

Mr. Zong said that Wahaha and Perez & Associates Ltd. will set up a $ 300 million fund to invest in Israeli companies to attract them to Hangzhou to build production bases and for future development. Meanwhile, we plan to apply to provincial and municipal governments for an Israel high-tech industrial park with Perez & Associates Ltd. , Tel Aviv University , Haifa University and Peking University, building a platform for global innovators, a world-class center connecting global innovators, a innovation house, a high-tech transfer center, a technology education center , Visitor Center, and finally making it into China's Silicon Valley.

At the conference, representatives of the four universities, namely, Tel Aviv University, Haifa University, Hebrew University and Weizmann Institute of Science, introduced the history of their universities, innovative technologies and products in vivid language and video. Israel universities have brought more than 1,000 results of technology transfer. In order to give financial support to the enterprises, Wahaha also invited China International Capital Corporation, Huarong International Financial Holding Co., Ltd. and more than 20 PE funds to participate with their respective advantages for the jointly creation of China's Silicon Valley. After the promotion meeting, there is one-to-one talking session in four regions for the four universities.