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Zong Qinghou: To Introduce the Foreign Advanced Technology, Aiming to the High-End Manufacturing Industry
Wednesday,October 19,2016

How to seize the opportunities to achieve transformation and upgrading by leaps and bounds for the city of Hangzhou in the post G20 era? What are the challenges and opportunities facing the manufacturing industries? How to improve the technological level of China's manufacturing industry to achieve ‘China-intellectual-made’? During the second session of Hangzhou Business Conference held on October 19th , Zong Qinhou, who is the representative of Hangzhou entrepreneurs and head of Wahaha, gave the answer: to introduce the foreign advanced technology, aiming to the high-end manufacturing industry.

Zong Qinghou pointed out in his speech that Hangzhou won the world's attention and praise through the hosting of G20 and B20 summit. Though the overall economic situation in Hangzhou was good, the real economy was still facing great difficulties. The manufacturing industries were still in the middle and low levels. Most enterprises are still facing the difficulties of transformation and upgrading. However, he believed that there are more opportunities for development in more economic difficulties. Moreover, the Chinese nation is a smart, hard-working, outstanding nation, and we have the confidence and ability to continue the healthy development of our own enterprises.

Mr. Zong said that the beverage industry was facing a plunge in the growth rate from a normal 20% to 1.12% January-August this year. Almost all of the large enterprises were unkdergoing negative growth and under the situation of supply side reform and transformation and upgrading. Wahaha on the one hand recruited professionals to set up bio-engineering research institutes, on the other hand further developed equipment manufacturing industry on the basis of two original modern machinery factories. Recently, Wahaha contacted with the overseas robot R & D team which came back to China and overseas manufacturers of robotics, preparing to build robotic enterprise to develop the robot industry.

During the dialogue session, the famous host Bai Yansong threw the questions: “facing the decline of the beverage industry, have you felt the pressure?” “You have such a big enterprise, have you ever thought of that who did the wealth belong to? Yourself? Your daughter? Investors? Or the country?” Mr. Zong’s positive answers infected the businessmen in Hangzhou. On the morning of the opening ceremony of the second session of Hangzhou Business Conference, Wahaha won Hangzhou’s Top 100 tax-payer-enterprises during the "12th Five-Year Plan". During the conference Wahaha also signed a letter of intent with Peres Company and Haifa University.