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Wahaha won Caring Award for its contribution to the “Spring Breeze Action”
Friday,January 6,2017

On Jan 6th, Hangzhou 2017 “Spring Breeze Action” meeting was held in Hangzhou Public Services Center. Wahaha, together with other 18 companies, were awarded “Spring Breeze Action” Caring Award for their outstanding contribution to the Action.


According to the introduction of the Spring Breeze Action Office, as a big donator to the Action, Wahaha has donated 74.6 million yuan to the Action, and supported 16874 students in going to university. In 2016, 3982 student in total have won the financial aid.


Since 2011, Wahaha has sponsored the Spring Breeze Action, supporting poverty-stricken students to go to university. By far, Wahaha has donated 500 million yuan in charity events, among which, 300 million goes to the education field.