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Legal Notice

Wahaha Group’s website (hereinafter referred to as 'the website') is an exclusive website set up by Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as 'Wahaha Company'). Please read this document and the texts of 'Privacy Protection' carefully before visiting and using this website. (Without special indication, this document includes the texts of Privacy Protection.) You have the right to decide whether to accept this document without any restriction. Once you visit the website or any page of it, it means you voluntarily accept to be bound by this document.

1. Copyright
Wahaha Company, its registered users or information provider of the website have the copyright of all the information. Without the explicit written approval of Wahaha, no person shall be allowed to copy the information or use them in any other illegal ways.
2. Trademark Rights
'娃哈哈', 'Wahaha', '非常', 'Future', '非常可乐' and the ribbon image are Wahaha’s trademark. Without the explicit written approval of Wahaha, no person shall be allowed to use them.
3. The Accuracy, Integrity and Security of Information
The website shall make reasonable effort to provide information as complete as possible, but do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity and security of information. Meanwhile, the website also shall not guarantee the accuracy, integrity and security of any external links, which are provided to facilitate convenience
4. Legality of Information
Wahaha shall make reasonable effort to inspect the discussion, comment, chat and other similar pages on the website on time, but this shall not be regarded as any responsibility of Wahaha Company. For any possible mistake, false information, insult, slander, obscenity, intimidation, or other content violating Chinese laws arising out of users’ visit or usage of the website, Wahaha and the website shall not bear any responsibility. For any user who spreads illegal content on the website, we have the right to delete the content or interrupt linkage, and provide all the information of the user we know to law enforcement agencies proactively or upon request.
Should you find any information on the website infringing your legal right, please inform us promptly so that Wahaha Company could take corresponding action.
5. Risks and Disclaimer
When visiting or using the website, you should understand you will bear all the risks of that. You should understand clearly and explicitly the possible risks of visiting or using the website (including but not limited to the following) and the consequential harm or inconvenience:
Any individual or company information leakage due to your disclosure of password to others, share of registered account with others, or any other reasons attributable to you.
Any individual information leakage, lost, misappropriation or distortion due to force majeure (including but not limited to hacker attack, compute virus intrusion or outbreak, temporary closure due to government control).
Individual information leakage and the consequential legal dispute and consequence due to the website’s links to other websites.
Besides, Wahaha bears no responsibility for any virus infection of your computer, or any damage to your computer or other property due to your visit or usage of the website, or download of any information on the website. 
The above risks have a low probability of occurrence, but cannot be eliminated.
6. Updates
Wahaha Company may update the website and amend the 'Legal Notice' from time to time when needed. Such amendment shall also have a binding effect to you. To this end, please visit this page at regular intervals, so as to get the latest content binding you and the website.