General Manager Zong's Speech

Born in October 1945
at Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Accredited MBA Instructor of Zhejiang University
Board Chairman & General Manager of Hangzhou Wahaha Group

HR Contact Email:
My dear friends ,
Thank you for your attention in the employment opportunities of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co.,Ltd.- China’s leading FMCG enterprise. I believe you will soon be on the boat that is ready to set sail and you must be looking forward to the future as a time where you will fight for your dreams.
Once upon a time, I was the same as all of you, determined based on the concept of “doing something”. Took an oath to fight in the championship of life and emerge gloriously in the end. To this day, I am still driven by the simple concept of “doing something”. Nonetheless, success requires tremendous effort and perseverance. After going through the ups and downs in life's storm, I have more experiences and feelings to share with you all.
I believe a successful person should first be patriotic and devoted. Only by carrying the hopes of my motherland, will I be able to work hard with a strong sense of responsibility and mission to build China's own beverage empire and to become a member of the world's top 500 enterprises. Although our crown seems large, our roots are still not deep enough. When confronting our world-class rivals, we will face increasingly fiercer market competition where it could lead to a matter of life and death. We must always keep in mind a sense of crisis and turn it into our internal driving force, encouraging us to progress every day while also being cautious at the same time.
"Merit goes before deeds, a talent should be useful, then everyone can be talented". I truly hope every young person can throw away their dream of being successful overnight, and focus on the tasks at hand. Be energetic and passionate, but bear in mind the importance of knowing how to do things well. "Start from the grassroots, establish a solid foundation, fully present your talents, then according to your actual contributions, receive your remuneration and strive for further development" – This concept is deeply rooted in the minds of our workers. Concentrate all your energy on your present job, continuously studying, striving for excellence, and ultimately become a specialized personnel that the company needs. Only through this way will you be able to grow effectively.. Integrity is Wahaha's fundamental feature, innovation is Wahaha’s soul, teamwork is Wahaha's fighting spirit. Regardless of educational level or experience, I recommend everyone of you to require yourself in becoming a person with career professionalism in mind.
Being at your prime, I look forward to all of you in staying with Wahaha in the journey of our third pioneering endeavor, to ignite your youthful dreams, and to realize your self-worth and social value!
Board Chairman of Wahaha Group