Wahaha is determined to become a leading company with first-rate performance, long-lasting social responsibility and prosperity.
We adhere to the development of real economy through advancing manufacturing industry, supermarket and retail industry, and seize the opportunities in strategic and emerging industries. While maintaining the status of the beverage industrial leader, we plan to gradually enter the business areas of milk powder, machinery, printing, retail, dairy farming and other new industries, realizing diversification and shooting for the Global 500.


In 1987, Mr. Zong Qing Hou, started his hard venture on a tricycle, selling ice cream, soda drinks and exercise notebooks. In the second year, Wahaha made remarkable profits by processing pollen oral tonic.   [more]

Today's Wahaha

Today, Wahaha has grown into a large food and beverage corporation with capacities of R&D, manufacturing, and sales as a whole. In terms of output, Wahaha is currently the largest beverage enterprise in China. [more]

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