Dear friends,

Welcome to the Wahaha website.
Through our portal, I believe you will get some ideas about Wahaha’s business development history and its vision. In 1987, I started a hard journey as an entrepreneur in Hangzhou. It took me around eleven years to make Wahaha the largest beverage company in China, which is also one of the leading beverage suppliers around the world. This standing has been kept valid until now. And I am very proud that Wahaha has come out with such a great achievement along with the dynamic development of China's economy. At the same time, we are clear in mind that our root is still not deep enough, although our crown may be large. Having gone through the race with our world-class rivals, the market competition that we are facing today grows ever increasingly fierce. To be or not to be, it is something about life and death. But in any case, we are supposed to pick up the duty of revitalizing the Chinese economy and creating a world-class brand. With this dream in mind, we must work hard as ever as before, transforming Wahaha into a world-class brand, remaining prosperous forever!
Wahaha enjoys the most comprehensive product lines in China’s beverage industry. We are committed to provide safe, healthy, and tasty products to the consumers. Through our website, you will not only get to know our products, but also our R&D and production processes. You will understand our sincerity and lasting effort made in food safety, nutrition, health, and innovation in science and technology. We do all this because we hope to strengthen people’s confidence in China's food and beverage industry.
Wahaha always believes, as a Chinese enterprise, we should not only look at the operating profit, but also take care of social responsibilities. We at Wahaha strongly believe that corporate social responsibility is our duty and obligation. With this perception in mind, Wahaha pursues “health to everybody” and develops a family type of corporate culture: uniting “small family” of individuals, bringing up “big family” of teams, and serving the country as a “general family”. Our business strategy is mapped out with the following cornerstones: creating job opportunities, paying taxes, protecting the environment, taking care of our employees, supporting social welfare, and so on.
Going forward, Wahaha will continue to focus on our beverage business, making it stronger and bigger. At the same time, we plan to develop the international market gradually for more different business opportunities. Additionally, along with the continuous development of the enterprise, we will progressively enter into the high-tech industry. Welcome to join us through our website and look forward to establishing a business relationship with us.
Health to everybody, happiness for everybody! Enjoy a wonderful online tour of Wahaha!
Board Chairman of Wahaha Group